a multiplayer fisrt person shooter , with multiple game modes to choose.

will not survive without your team

Teamwork will mark the difference between life and death.

Rotten Valley

Forgotten Valley. Place in quarantine.

In a place between mountains, with just a few villages, with reserved people. A place that someone thought would be the ideal for military research facilities and in which no one would never ask.
An idyllic place for many soon to be a hell for everyone.

There is only one way to survive here. Choose your weapons properly. Equip your best, do not stop to improve your skills. But above all, choose a good team.

Must fight in teams of 2 to 6 members, fighting between civilians and military, or cooperative games between these two factions. But those hungry zombies will always be there for making you harder to survive, but if you're skilled enough can use them to your advantage.

Each character has its own weapons, equipment, skills and special attacks, which must be combined to achieve victory.


Each Character Has Its Own Weapons And Abilities

Take a look at our section on advice for how to take advantage of the characteristics of each character.


At the moment two factions clashed in small teams. Each faction has its own characters and each character has weapons and abilities.
Here some of the characters with their own characteristics and weapons, also podreis you have any specific advice for each character.
Stay informed about upcoming characters we'll be revealing.


Game Modes

Competitive Modes

Team Deathmatch.
Capture the Flag.
Total control.
The antidote.

Cooperative Modes

Zombies waves.



Guns , shotgun , SGM , assault rifle , machine gun , rocket launcher , granades , tactical granades , homemade artifact , knife , axel , chainsaw , trap , incendiary artifact , explosive ... but above all experimental special weapons .


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