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GanymedeanAttack is a classic space shooter game that you can enjoy on your mobile or tablet. This is a game with cartoon style graphics, with flying saucers, asteroids, spaceships, aliens, and unexplored planets.



RocketMinery is a simple arcade game . A game for everyone. Touch the screen to provide propulsion to the rocket and take the diamonds. You do not have to collide with the mines. Complete the level taking all diamonds without breaking their rockets. Retro space game by Bitmogade.



This is an experimental retro spaceshooter game , based on a polybius urban legend.


Slenderman by Bitmogade

A series of events this happening in a small town in the mountains, it is the disappearance of several children in the community. Rumors points to be tall with long arms and legs that kidnaps children who venture into forest. Without giving much importance to the event, the director of a reputed newspaper decides to send the rookie journalist in practice, you. On the way to the village your vehicle breaks down, forcing you to cross the cursed forest walk to reach the village and conduct interviews. Will it be true the legend? Maybe when you find it's too late. Try to cross the forest without being trapped by it.



This is our biggest project is under development. It is an FPS with a very good story, many zombies, people who are worse than zombies and hundreds of liters of blood. What more can we say? Still in a very early stage but you can see our progress in the gallery.