In the garage you can customize your car, buying parts with the credits earned in the races. You can choose from hundreds of parts such as wheels, bodies, fenders, engines, weapons, etc. Each of these will improve certain attributes of your car, resistance, traction, power, speed, traction control, etc.



Choose from lots of bodies, trucks, SUVs, rally car, sport, even school buses or mail delivery truck and many more.The bodies will improve the hardness of your car.


Do not forget that the wheels give you the necessary traction to move across different terrains.


When you choose an engine increase or decrease the power and the maximum speed according to its performance.


The ECU helps you control your cars better, thanks to traction control and turn-around assistance. Use the ECU that best fits your driving style and the characteristics of your engine.


Nitrous systems give you extra power for a while, the best nitrous has more load thus increasing their use time.


The defenses are just that, what defends you from collisions. These increase the life of your vehicle.


The weapons will reduce the life of rival cars and make them lose control, so you can climb positions when your rivals are better drivers than you.

Player Profile

You can customize your profile with badges, profile images, and team logos.