The Game

From a dune desert autocross to a glacial descens trial , you will can enjoy multiple scenaries like mountains, country , jungle , city , little towns. Drive , shot , uses shortcuts, and leaves traps to your rivals . Come on !! Download it here.

Crazy CarToon is a car racing video game with cartoon style . You can play speed race and time trial , improve your car and use weapons against your rivals.
Winning being the fastest, the most skilled or the most destructive.

Collect rings in the races to be able to buy upgrades for your car. In the garage you can find to much car parts.

You can choose between different bodyworks , wheels , fenders , nitros , engines , ECUs , weapons . Every car part improve differents attributes like health , nitro , power , max speed , steer help ...

Multiple Terrains with multiple ambients.

Day and Night.

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