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Who We Are

What is Bitmogade ?
Created in September 2013, Bitmogade is an independent studio dedicated to game development. It is composed of a really small team , who devotes his free time to this project.

While the first titles were very simple mobile games, but since some time ago Bitmogade has embarked on a very ambitious project.
This is the development of a computer game, with good quality graphics, good story and especially a lot of dedication on our part. In addition, we are not making any financial investment for this project. For this we mainly use free software like Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, Unity3d, MakeHuman ... and why not say, we save money on equipment suffering long rendering times.

Despite all this, we have begun a campaign of donations Patreon to meet some expenses that will arise during the development (mainly licenses) and to devote full time.

As this is a simple study made by simple people not much more to explain about Bitmogade, but there is much to tell about #WellcomeToRottenValley , our ambitious project.


What We Do

As we have said , we make indies games for android , pc and web player .

But beyond that, our main project (#WellcomeToRottenValley) is developing a quality game, starting from very limited resources. We have not made any financial investment, all we're investing is our free time.. but especially we do so with a lot of dedication and passion.

To develop this project just with our passion, we work with unsophisticated equipment and all software used is free (Blender, MakeHuman , Gimp , Inkscape ... ) or free license for small businesses (as in the case of Unity5) .Although we know that sooner or later we will have to spend some money on some licenses, diffusion, etc ...

We are working to create a community around the project, where people interested in the game can support us and give us suggestions and ideas to improve the game. All followers of the project may be informed of the progress of development of the game in our blog, as well as in our twitter and facebook accounts.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, below you have a contact form.


Our Work

Look our videogames. Hope you like it.


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